Zage is good for merchants, but is it good for your customers?
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Zage is good for merchants, but is it good for your customers?

Kathryn Rungrueng
Kathryn Rungrueng
October 7, 2022


When we talk to prospective partners, many are impressed with how much they can save in processing fees, but they want to know whether their customers find value in Zage, a pay-by-bank option with gamified rewards. In a recent article, we highlighted how our merchant partner, Duffl, benefitted from an 80% reduction in processing fees and a 30% lift in average order values after implementing Zage as a new payment option.

The reason behind their performance?

Zage delivers value to customers in terms of customer experience, fun rewards, and trust. In this article, we'll explore why customers choose Zage as their preferred payment method at checkout.

Customer experience

Ensuring a seamless payments experience at checkout is key to improving conversion, and it’s your last chance to leave a lasting impression on your customers. This is especially true when your customers are Gen Z, the first generation of digital natives.

When most think of an emerging payment method that’s digital, easy, and convenient, they think of Venmo as the gold standard. However, when we asked Zage customers to share their experience with us, they shared that “Zage is 10x more convenient than Venmo. When you pay with Venmo, you’re redirected to Venmo, pay (the merchant), then are redirected back to the confirmation screen. It’s clunky.”

At Zage, we aim at making payments fast and magical - and customers notice the difference.


Loyalty is earned, not given. When you deliver a great experience and value every time someone interacts with your brand, they'll begin associating that experience with everything else they think about you. They'll start recommending you because they're happy using your products/services themselves.

Zage offers a gamified rewards experience that allows customers to Spin & Win for prizes like cash back, gift cards, tech, and more. The goal is to keep customers coming back by sparking delight even after their purchase has been made (and hopefully even after the sale).

According to one customer, “I look for something that has utility. I used Venmo before, but with Zage, I’m like holy sh** there’s some cool present.” According to another, “I like that you can earn rewards for shopping like credit cards, but via a fun game and access to win cool items.”

By integrating “delightful value” into your brand experience, you can keep customers coming back.


When it comes to payments, offering a great, rewarding experience doesn’t matter if your customers don’t trust that their money and sensitive information are safe and secure. With ongoing news of hacks and improper use of customer information, it’s no surprise that customers are wary about who they share their personal information, and how that information is used.

This is exactly why Zage partners with Plaid and Teller to connect customers’ financial data to Zage. By using these services, Zage doesn’t have access to any sensitive customer information, yet can still facilitate a seamless transaction between a customer’s bank account and a merchant.

Zage goes to great lengths to maintain customers’ trust and is laser-focused on security as a result.


Zage drives meaningful results for merchants, delivering up to 80% less in processing fees and more than a 30% lift in average order values. These results are underpinned by Zage’s differentiated customer-first approach to customer experience, rewards, and last but not least - trust.

Want to learn more? Contact Zage today!

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