Duffl-Zage Case Study
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Duffl-Zage Case Study

Kathryn Rungrueng
Kathryn Rungrueng
October 5, 2022

Duffl was looking to offer relevant payment options for its college student customer base while reducing its payment processing fees. Duffl turned to Zage for help, and after just 3 weeks of offering Zage’s pay-by-bank payment option to its customers, it increased its average order value by over 30%, and reduced processing fees by up to 80%.



In addition to driving bottom line impact for Duffl, its customers also love Zage for its 1-click checkout and gamified rewards experience. In fact, one student commented I love how convenient and fast using Zage was. It was way faster than Venmo!” And a Duffl campus ambassador shared, “A customer at UCLA shared the great experience she’s had with Zage - she won 2 big prizes already. She loves it!”

Zage was able to meet Duffl’s needs by offering a cost-effective payment solution that also meets customer expectations, ultimately resulting in a win-win-win for Duffl, its customers, and Zage.

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